"Borderlands 3" feels great now and attracts a lot of enthusiasts
Feb. 17, 2020

I returned to Borderlands 3 for the Broken Hearts Day event after I stopped playing after defeating Moxxi Heist DLC in December.


Two things have changed: first, there were many benefits in most of the game's classes during this period, and I just got a new PC for games to replace the almost four-year-old one I was playing before.



Borderlands 3 has been a fight from the beginning, literally alone ... playing physically, either on the console or on the PC. On the console, the menu scrolling was incredibly bad from the beginning, and although it is better than before, it is still not completely resolved.



Yes, there have been many performance fixes for the game over time. Basically, a good platform must have solved many of my problems. My specifications are here if you are interested, but yes, it is a pity that you had to spend a few thousand dollars on a PC to run Borderlands, as it should seem like everyone with fast loading and playing times fluid. But I have to say it was much more fun.



And it's just in time, because I discovered that playing with almost all four classes is much more fun than before, and after a little bit of level 53 farming, I find out that my four classes are driving now. Entertaining and surgical through Mayhem 4 TVHM.



Amara: has always been strong and has had the least amount of benefits in recent months. I traded my melee construction for an elementary construction, and its 250% anointing of weapon damage after action skills is better than anything else in the game.



FL4K: It was incredibly refreshing to finally use a FL4K pet version that isn't great. These few additional skill points gave me a little more survival for my gamma ray construction, and a recent improvement in gamma anointing terrified him for the first time since his critical constructions made the bosses melt.



Zane: A perfect Zane construction is still difficult to achieve, but I know that his newly polished anointing that doubles the damage when his SNTL is turned off is a very good benefit that has helped him a lot.



In short, it's the best Borderlands has felt for me.